What is killing your legacy- Kogi youth writes Yahaha Bello, says Governor flaunt luxury while owing workers

What is killing your legacy- Kogi youth writes Yahaha Bello, says Governor flaunt luxury while owing workers 

A Kogi based youth identified as OGO’OGU MARK DAUDA, has called his state Governor Yahaha Bello for dwindling legacy.

Mr. OGO’OGU MARK DAUDA, in a letter written to Yahaha Bello, and sent to ChrisOsaMedia.Com, berated the Governor who eyes Presidency sit, for owing workers salary and yet living a buoyant and luxurious lifestyle.

Below is a full text of the letter



A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the equality of his actions and the integrity of his intent. —Douglas MacArthur

His excellency Alhaji Yahaya Bello, I greet you. Your excellency, I come to you for the assignment I’m saddled to carry out on earth, and that I shall do as the Lord of host enables  me. Before I proceed, it is important to use this opportunity to appreciate your effort and the speed applied  to the completion of Confluence University.  Also, other uncompleted project that are ongoing…. As far as I’m concerned, this project calls for celebration because our unborn generations will grow to benefit it….  One of the warnings my father passed to me was: Never in life should you seize appreciating those who in their capacity as public officials give you access to knowledge…(knowledge is power),* therefore, I truly cherish such great investment, and now you have atleast registered your name in the heart of kogites in that aspect, even though our expectations were higher because you were a businessman and an educated youth at that, endowed with the right leadership prowess. (So nothing should go wrong)

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Sadly and above all things, what benefit is the institution if our fathers and civil servants can not afford financial capability to send their wards to the school when they have no salaries???  For this reason,  l have decided to speak openly to you and your squad to across the state because your people are in desperately painful conditions.

Alhaji Yahaya Bello, give me your attention for my heart is deeply troubled over our circumstances in Kogi, and It’s not acceptable anywhere in the world for civil servants to work without payments plus incentive for 5 years and counting, while people die for minor sicknesses and hunger under your watch for lack of money.  *If your men found the convincing logic to accept your maltreatment of the public workers, I will put it to you clearly that posterity won’t be kind to you, no matter how many infrastructures implemented.

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Truth I tell you, Your meager percentage payment will crumble your legacy, which establishes and indict you with demeaning and tyrannical heritage, for your immediate family and our people.(The Ebiras) . Remember, people are watching quietly and waiting for the right time to strike… Act Now Before Is Too Late.*

The percentage salaries ought to have been resolved by now in your second term.  Please avoid dwelling on excuses or what you hope to claim that went wrong, Instead, focus on what to do next for Kogi state civil servants family have food on their tables.  Always keep in mind before you allow people to post videos of you living large with associates on beautiful and sumptuous table of meals that while you eat with your cycle and drink to stupor, your masses are salivating, wallowing in anguish of hunger and penury.

It is time to spend your energies towards finding answers to end percentage salary in the state. You are too young to allow extreme cynical ambition to cripple your primary purpose in the office as the Executive Governor with the responsibility of catering for your people’s welfare. Civil servants are your primary responsiblity, stop failing them because they are humans too, even though dying in silenced right now.

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It is haram in Islam, sin in Christianity, and wizardry in the society to deny them their wages, while you and your appointees enjoy the largesse with full salaries and other flamboyance and benefits…. *Mr Governor have compassion on the civil servant*

It 100 percent true that “Effective leadership is not about making untrue speeches, unnecessary eloquence or being praised by hypocrites because of barbecue. Leadership is defined by results, projects executed and welfare of the citizen, not attributes.Peter Drucker”

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“The truth I tell you…when you pay attention to the civil servants to live like human beings by paying their salaries/ wages in full, you help yourself and your future too. This helps avoid the accompanying embarrassment when you leave the office, you and everyone around you would walk the streets freely. Do not let the spur of the moment deceive you, everything with beginning has an ending, only God exists beyond time, Anebira will not forgive you, quote me sir!!!!  Anikogi will never forgive you…Mark my Words.

Remember, after office you are coming home to live with this men you are starving and still dehumanizing today… your wives have families, your own immediate family and others would be confronted with your legacy.

Please think about your future wisely, your Excellency, and make the impossible possible now that you still have the chance… *It Is Possible If Your Wish To End percentage payment.

It was  Don Alden who said … to give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and those are sincerity and integrity.”

You need to conference a meeting immediately, invite all your appointees, Local Government chairmen and the civil servants. You need to speak to them about what is happening that tiny percentage salary payment has become the norm in kogi, even though whatever you may say may contradict videos coming from your quarters and your lifestyle as the leader of poor state and poor civil servants… (despite our enormous natural resources) Truth they say is bitter, but we must surmmon courage even as the devil has blocked the ears of our leaders, making them arrogant , and not to listen to the truth. Saying and doing the truth is the only way out of the existential predicament.

Your Excellency if you want to change things for the best, you need strong political leadership than what you currently surround yourself with, most of those around you are suppose to be your friends and contractors but not think tank…O God help me for I am trouble.

We are talking about progressive governance, how to turn our resources to riches, but the people working with you only focus on inflow from either loans or federal governemnt allocation, they have no business with governance sir. Look around you within and without kogi state, you can find smart people to help navigate successfully.

Byron Dorgan said “One of the keys to ensuring accountability is to have civil servants who witness fraud, waste and abuse to blow the whistle.* Good governance is not only the job of the public officer or the elected. The electrorate, civil servant and the general public must also be active by speaking out what they know about the Government of the day both in good and bad governance.

Silent even when you are being raped and denied of Your civil right does not and cannot grant you freedom… Speak Speak And Speak Until Something Happen

I grew up and began to think that Kogi state had some problems that really required the help of  skillful servant- leadership that will have listening ears to the yearning of the people and I accepted the responsiblity to join the brave few who will not compromise their stand and value for what they can gain, but constantly speaking to power without fear, sentimental nor favor of anyone regardless who is in the office…

We must all be awake from slumber, join hands with the Government outside and within to fix the State, else, we will all suffer for their failure in the end, because we succeed when they succeed…No responsible Government should take civil servants for granted if they are really serious about the security and welfare of the State.

The abuse of civil servant can only increase insecurity and crisis. They deserve respect, dinity and honor…pay them their salaries.

The moment a Government begin to take civil servant for granted, there would be increase in mere crime, robbery, kidnapping, and all kind of immorality will surface. the priority of civil servants should not be  taken for  granted in our states.

*It was Sam Walton who said “Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel (appointees). If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.” imagine if the Local Government across the state is paying 100 percent salary to civil servants???  *This Is doable if political will is there and activated.*

I pray you read this article from the window of a concerned citizen who wish you well and expect you to leave office with unbeatable legacy.

God Bless you

God Bless Kogi state.

God Bless our civil servant

God Bless Federal Republic of Nigeria

Together We Can Change The Narrative.

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