14 teenage girls arrested at point of sleeping with dogs (Photo)

14 teenage girls arrested at point of sleeping with dogs (Photo)

Police officials in Uganda broke into a guest room and rescued 14 girls who were about to perform a sexual act with dogs. The females were discovered in a compromising condition at Kampala’s Muyenga Hill resort.

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The girls were being groomed to perform heinous things, including as engaging in sexual activity with canines and traveling to foreign countries for unknown purposes. Surprisingly, all of the females were under the age of 14, with the exception of one who was 19 years old, and according to the legislation, minors cannot work or travel to European countries without the consent of a parent or guardian.

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Concerned residents in the Makindye division witnessed the tiny children leaving the house and reported them to the police, who discovered the girls at Papaya Holiday home in the custody of Dorothy Ndagire, an NGO worker at a company that interacts with another in the United Kingdom. However, the organization is not registered under Uganda’s non-governmental organization (NGO) legislation.

The girls, including the 19-year-old S-6 girl, have refused to identify their origins, while the custodian has been arrested as the inquiry continues.

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