Does The Igbos And Yorubas Share The Same Ancestors, See Full story

No man is free who sees his neighbour as his enemy. For a man that is surrounded by his enemy will always keeping watch over his life.

In the Southern part of Nigeria live the Igbo and Yoruba Ethnic groups. Although they do not share a distinct boundary – and their cultures enjoy various discrepancies – one can hardly trace the end of Igbo ethnic group, and the beginning of Yoruba ethnic group from the map of Nigeria. Take the physical features of both ethnic group for example, Onitsha is a riverine city in Igbo land and on the west, across the River Niger, is Asaba, another Igbo community. As one moves westward Asaba to Agbor, the dialect and cultural practices vary. The culture varies also. The more west you travel, the more the culture becomes more Yoruba than Igbo. The variation continues from Benin City until one gets to the ancient city of Ile Ife: Yoruba land.

This simply means that from Onitsha to Ile Ife, the Igbo language becomes rarer and rarer, and the Yoruba language becomes more and more frequent until it replaces Igbo completely. The communities in-between – which I also believe are from the same ancestor – share a blend of the two.

Apart from this interlocking of culture, the geographic characteristics of the two tribes are similar. There are also cultural similarities and the use of similar dialect. Because of all these, I am inclined to believe that the Igbo and Yoruba Ethnic group are from a traceable common ancestor….

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