NBM Of Africa Blasts BBC: We Are Not Cultists, Your Documentary Is Libelous (Photos)

C/o Uhuru Heritage Centre
Amagba Benin City
Edo State, Nigeria, W’’Africa

A new BBC Documentary, “Black Axes” is a hatchet, Vindictive, self-serving, slanderous, defamatory and libelous job to mislead the public against the NBM of Africa.

NBM of Africa is disappointed and disgusted with the BBC Africa Eye report, NBM is an organization birthed on equality and social justice, seeking the total freedom of the black race as well as research on Africa culture and progress. It is a non-violent group whose ideology is to lift and unite humanity. The BBC producer contrived or manufactured all trumped-up allegations against NBM.

The producer of the egregious documentary is a man whose background should be investigated by BBC as well as security agencies in Nigeria and abroad. The BBC’s interview with our leadership was to help the world understand that has never been, is not and can/will never be NBM. The president of NBM granted the interview to BBC in good faith to clear any misconception. It is shameful to see how a journalist intentionally twisted the context in which commentaries were made, mixed it up with responses of charlatans to make an asinine claim that NBM is a violent group. It is standard practice that participants of such work be fully aware of what they are getting involved in before their opinions are used in such in such a documentary. What he has done criminal and unacceptable.

The producer Otunba Friday Gbolahan Macjob, used footages of violence during the #EndSARS campaign in Nigeria to falsely allege that NBM is Violent. Several footages in the documentary are false and never involved NBM or its member. Videos of violence and criminality by NBM should abound if is a violent group. We see through the lies, Macjob is a politician that contested for election for the Abeokuta South federal constituency in Ogun State in the platform of YDP, a party in Nigeria. We do not need any prophet to tell us the reason behind the slanderous publication against certain targeted individuals and political party.

NBM is unaware of any organization called “” as we restated on June 22, 2021 in Vanguard newspaper, page 21. We have also made this known several time s through other media channel but detractors deliberately link misconduct of certain unscrupulous element to NBM. Persons parading themselves as are not NBM members.

Many may wonder why NBM would retain the Axe cutting chain symbol as our logo when it is same as what is seen on that of the “” impositions as shown by the documentary. The axe represents a tool of breakthrough and freedom. It has nothing to do with murder or crime. It remained our logo because the significance is very important. We cannot be held to account for the plagiarizing of our logo. We are working with security agencies to solve the problem.

For us as Pan-Africanist group, the hypocrisy of the western media has also not gone unnoticed. It is common knowledge that anything the western world does not understand and control is marked for destruction especially when it is black. NBM is the largest growing black organization worldwide. The attempt to alienate an annihilate us is deliberate but futile exercise.

USA, UK and other western countries have dangerous organizations but they have ignored all of their problems to discredit the struggle in Africa. This is intentional to diminish the good work of legal organization like NBM. The killing of George Floyd Jnr by Officer Derek Chauvin did not turn the hardworking Minneapolis Police to a violent or criminal organization. The rape, abduction and murder of Sarah Everard by Officer Wayne Couzens did not turn the hardworking metropolitan police into criminals.

“Like every other organization worldwide. NBM has its internal challenge created by non-conformist and renegades who flout its code of conduct. Like every other group, we are working tirelessly to flush such recalcitrant persons out of our fold. It is not a sprint race. It is an exercise that requires tact, patience and precision.

NBM global movement built on solid principles and is against all social vices. It stands for humanitarian public service and international solidarity of all people regardless of their race, creed, ideology, religion and location. NBM has highly respected, responsible and award-winning members in all profession and other facets of life. It is not a dumping ground for criminals. Individuals who commit crimes should be arrested and prosecuted instead of dragging the organization into it. Some members of other notable organization have been involved in certain crimes but the outfits have been dragged into their personal problems.

“We recognize that like every organization, we have work to do. We condemn all forms of violence. We do not seek superiority of any kind.

“NBM’s goal is Pan-Africanism and so abhors black-on-black violence. We are committed to nation building and making the world a better place.

In fact, in the Vanguard DISCLAIMER, NBM stated:
“we have been consulted and our professional service retained by the Registered Trustees of NBM OF AFRICA, a registered non-governmental organization under the relevant laws of Nigeria and with its office at Uhuru Heritage Centre, Amagba, Benin City, Edo State whom we hereinafter referred to as our client and with its firm and equivocal instructions we put up this notice of disclaimer.
“I has come to the notice of the leadership and members of our client that some persons who are not members of NBM OF AFRICA are associating in the name of “” with our client. The leadership and member of NBM OF AFRICA hereby notify the relevant government agencies within and outside Nigeria and members of the general public that NBM OF AFRICA being registered non-governmental organization with its core aims and objectives centered on the principles of democracy, equality and social justice and which is dedicated to the promotion, protection and the advancement of black solidarity, world peace, international co-operation, understanding, equality and social justice for disadvantaged persons globally, has no nexus with the name or appellation “” in no event shall our client (NBM OF AFRICA) be liable for any act special, direct, indirect, consequential or any damage whatsoever, arising from action(s) individually, jointly, collectively or severally in connection with the use of the name BLCK AXE by any person or persons who claim(s) to be members of the , our client (NBM OF AFRICA will not fail or neglect to take any necessary legal action against any individual, group, agencies of government, media organization that bring(s) or tries/try to bring the name of NBM OF AFICA to disrepute or public opprobrium by associating it or her known members with the name and activities of . The relevant government security agencies, media organizations and general public should take note accordingly.”

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