9 Reasons You Should Quit Your Job Now

9 Reasons You Should Quit Your Job Now

Theres a fulfillment that comes with pursuing your passion. The efforts put in could even be 101%. And passion here could be as your own boss or as an employee. Either way, your passion is the driving force. But as an employee, you might lose interest in your job over time. When this occurs, then it might just be the time to quit your job.

Even the best job can be tough. But some jobs are needlessly tough because of politics, poor management, favoritism, lack of communication, lack of encouragement from employer.

Your job shouldn’t be a source of misery. You spend too many hours at work to hate your job, so removing yourself from a toxic situation–even if it’s risky to do somay be crucial to your happiness and health.

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The greatest emotional need is to feel appreciated. When you’re not appreciated for the work that you do, it can make you question your own abilities. You deserve to feel gratitude for your contribution.

2. when there’s No Room For Advancement

It’s easy to find joy in a job, get stuck and still be comfortable. But any job you do should make you a better person. As you work for the company, you get value too. You learn new skills or those you have already get better.

But if you’re not getting value and no form of progress, you can also quit. And one good way to assess this is by comparing your then and now at the company, If there’s no meaningful and deserving progress, quit.

3. when You feel in your heart it’s time for a change.

Change in life is inevitable, and sometimes it’s just time to move on. Maybe your family situation has changed, or you want to pursue an outside interest, or your strengths have. Maybe it’s time to go find a new opportunity. Life does not get better by chance; it gets better by change.

Of course, if your circumstances may not allow you to leave today. Especially if you have family members who depend on your income, you may need to wait until you have something new in hand. But if these signs sound familiar to you, at an absolute minimum you can start planning your departure. It could turn out to be the best move of your life.

4. Bad Management

If you work in a place where the employer talks down at employees always and make you feel your’e not doing enough, then it might get toxic. Also, if your employer doesn’t communicate well or you can’t approach them, it’s not ideal. Or a case where the employer doesn’t care about employee welfare. These are just some indicators of bad leadership. The list is long. Any of these is enough to make you quit your job.

5.Work Becomes Dreadful

We all often have a case of dreadful Mondays. But if mere thinking of your job fills you with dread, it might be a sign to quit your job. Stop telling yourself you’re having a bad week if what you really have is a job that’s a bad fit.

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The point here is that your happiness is key. Going to work should bring a smile to your face. It should be such that’ll bring fulfilment. If thinking of your job makes you gloomy, then you should quit.

7. If You’re suffering from stress.

Of-course some stress are worth it, but if stress is taking a toll on your physical and mental health, if you’re having panic attacks or starting to worry that you’re at risk for a serious health condition, move on. Long-term stress and low control are a deadly combination.

8. Health Issues Can Make You Quit Your Job

All jobs come with risks. And some risks are health related. No salary can be a substitute for your good health. So, when your job causes health issues like depression, insomnia and frequent headaches, be ready to quit.

9. Disconnection From Colleagues

Trust me, you cant work alone just as you can’t live alone. Friends, relatives, neighbors and colleagues have impact on you. So, a good working relationship with your colleagues matter. Once this has a dent, there might be a problem.

Employees’ tasks are connected. There’s no way you won’t relate with others. Either as work demands or on a personal level. When you notice a resentment from your colleagues, first watch it. Then try and sort it out. If there’s no change, you may consider leaving such place. This is because it will affect your psyche and productivity.

10. Flair For Business

Some are working for others in order to save up capital for their own business. That is, they became an employee so they could employ others later. And once they meet this goal, you’ll agree it’s time to quit. This will allow them pursue their own dreams too.


In essence, the decision to work for someone or not is yours. So, when you notice some of these signs and you can’t fix them, then it’s time to quit your job.

9 Reasons You Should Quit Your Job Now

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