What To Expect From The Next Era Of Twitter

What To Expect From The Next Era of Twitter….
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1. Open Source Era…
The code that runs twitter will be available to the public.
I need to say that I made my first big money from OPEN SOURCE TECHNOLOGY. So keep an eye on Twitter’s Open source era. The possibilities are endless for developers.

2. Verified Accounts for Sale…
Elon Musk plans to sell the verification blue tick for a few dollars. This will bring him Billions of dollars to pay off his funders as soon as possible.
If you own a verified twitter account, it won’t be special soon.

3. Donald Trump is Back…

The biggest winner here is not Elon Musk but Donald Trump. I’ll be surprised if this whole hostile takeover was not inspired by Trump. In Elon’s twitter, the likes of Trump will cause havoc on twitter. But the fire on twitter will make Facebook look boring. Facebook will gradually become a platform for the remnant SANE generation. The rest will fry themselves on twitter.

4. Easier to hack..

5. Proliferation of the twitter app …
Expect to see platforms that look and feel exactly like twitter – after all, the codes will be open sourced.

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