Edo South: Valentine Asuen Is Project Of Benin Youths— Isere Writes Edo APC


Being a text of an open letter to Edo State APC leaders.

Dear Leaders,

I greet you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ. My name is Felix Osemwengie Isere, a member of our great party from Ologbo N’Ugu in Orhionmwon Local Government Area.

Though i am current not in Nigeria, i have been in touch with with basically every development in the party in regards to this forth coming election. As many of you might have observed, i have never openly shown my support for any aspirant under the platform of my party for personal reason unlike what i normally do in the past. However, i have been following all campaigns, mobilization, interactions and public perception about all the aspirants, particularly the Senate contest and my plans is to join in mobilising for the party after we have elected our candidates in the primary.

One of the greatest cynosure of all eyes in this election is the ambition of Mr Valentine Asuen(DVD), from what i have seen and my interaction with people, his election have the massive support of Edo South Youths, businessmen, Social Media Influencers and the ordinary people in the Street beyond party members or politicians. I have even spoken with many people in the opposition who have authoritatively told me that the will work for DVD if he is given the ticket.

Unfortunately, despite what is obvious, i have received a reliable information that there is a plan of the party to give ticket to one of our respected party leader, Mr Lucky Imasuen, a former deputy governor of the State who has not been campaigning for reasons which only the are privy to. Immediately i received this information, i also reached out to many persons who also corroborated this information , but the generally conclusion was that it will never work.

Dear distinguished leaders, let me make reaffirm this generally position , the aspiration of DVD is an aspiration of the Youths not only in the party but outside the party and any attempt to deny the Youths this opportunity will receive a very serious resistance. In case you don’t know, notable business men in Edo State have seen his aspiration as their own and ready to spend what ever amount of money to see this as a reality. In a final note, it is important to know that DVD’S aspiration is a popular demand beyond APC and any attempt to change this wil receive serious backlash.

Since DVD started his campaign, he is one aspirant that has been able to raise the bar for the party in the State through his campaigns and mobilizations which huge financial demands, apart from this, he has been able to unite many people together and this is the type of person we need to represent us at the Senate this time. Any attempt to deny him the ticket for somebody who has been relaxing without any campaign because he is close to many of you or he has a longer leg will be gross injustice against DVD and all the youths, be rest assured this will be vehemently resisted.

Apart from the above, DVD is the only one who can win the election for us, he is popular, influential and connected. He is a friend to basically every well meaningful Edolites ans associations, he has no baggage anybody can use against him and has the funds to mobilise for the election because we are in the opposition. To simplify it, this election will be very easy for us to win, but if we now decide to make it look like this is the election is about the interest of few hidden leaders who are already fingered in this act of perversion of political injustice, we should be ready to start preparing for defeat.

Nigeria as a Country is evolving and Nigerians are now begining ask questions and a man like DVD who has been able to achieve such for himself with a verifiable source of wealth is not only the best to project for the election but the best to represent us because he is already self sufficient,the era where few people who think they are influential and attempt to use the back door to impose anybody against popular demand always have a negative effect.

In a final note, we are not interested in any previous political arrangement or promise which we were not a part of, our position is that any attempt to deny DVD’S ticket whose ambition is an ambition of the Youths in Edo South and whom many people in the opposition have queued behind for selfish political reason or historical arrangement only them are privy to, we should be rest assured APC should be ready to forget winning the next election in Edo South and the backlash will not only affect the Senate election but the entire election in Edo South because the Youths will make a statement which will self as a very big precedent for the future.

Thank you for your kind understanding and it is my expectation that you will do the needful.

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Yours in the struggle

Felix Osemwengie Isere,Esq.
4Th of May,2022.

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